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Doctors performing Varicose Vein Treatment in Los Altos, CA

You might be tempted to think that winter is the best time for varicose vein treatment because it allows you to hide the incisions until they heal. While that can certainly be counted as a benefit, there are actually a number of good reasons why winter is the best time to have your varicose vein surgery.

Varicose Veins Worsen in Winter

Varicose veins often get worse in winter for one simple reason, decreased activity. Being less physically active is a sure way to inflame varicose veins and make them worse. If you get your surgery just as winter sets in and before your activity level drops, you can avoid the pain and irritation that come with varicose veins in the winter.

The Incisions Are Protected

Ultraviolet light can actually weaken the top layer of your skin and decrease its elasticity. If you’ve just had vein surgery, this can mean increased bruising, longer recovery times, and increased risk of bleeding from your incisions. In the winter, your legs are probably covered because it is cold, but keeping them covered also protects your incisions from the harmful effects of UV. Too much UV light right after surgery can even lead to darkening of your skin over the incision, an effect that can take months to go away.

You Need Time to Rest

The best way to recover quickly after varicose vein treatment is to rest. Winter is a natural time of reduced activity, so you have more time to keep your legs elevated so that they heal faster. Getting adequate rest after surgery allows veins to grow stronger so that you don’t have problems in the future (

Compression Hosiery

Anyone who has been through vein surgery will tell you that compression hosiery is miserable in the summer. It not only makes you sweat, it also makes you itch. In the winter, however, compression stockings act like another layer of insulation against the cold and can be easily tucked into your socks. No one will know you are wearing them, including you (

The Bottom Line

You should get your vein surgery at the time that is right for you. While winter offers many advantages for recovering after vein surgery, you will do just fine no matter what time of year you have your procedure done.