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Treating Venous Ulcers

What Are Venous Ulcers?

Venous ulcers are open sores that typically form on the lower extremities. Venous ulcers can occur when the leg veins cannot pump blood back into the heart, leaving it to build pressure in the legs. The increased pressure and fluid cause a venous leg ulcer.  California Vein & Vascular Centers offers venous ulcer treatment in Los Gatos, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, Salinas, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our award-winning medical team diagnoses and treats all types of arterial, venous, and vascular issues. We are number one in California for more vein procedures performed than any other vein doctor. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Causes of Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers typically occur at the most severe stage of venous reflux disease. The cause of venous ulcers is high pressure in the veins of the lower leg. The veins have valves that keep blood flowing up toward your heart. If the valves become weak or blocked, the blood flows backward and pools in the legs, causing venous insufficiency. High pressure in the lower leg veins builds up, causing cell death and tissue damage. Painful wounds form from damaged tissue.

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Symptoms of Venous Ulcers

An early-stage venous leg ulcer is often made of itchy and thin skin called stasis dermatitis. The most common symptoms of venous ulcers include:

  • Red, brown, or purple skin
  • Hardened skin
  • Shallow sores with a red base
  • Leg swelling
  • Shiny or tight skin

Who Is at Risk for Venous Ulcers?

Venous ulcers can happen to almost any person that has vein issues. The most common risk factors for venous ulcers include:

  • History of blood clots
  • Blocked lymph vessels
  • Varicose veins
  • Older age
  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy

Treatment for Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers need proper treatment and a high level of care to help the sores heal and prevent infection. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the best possible treatment for venous ulcers, including:

  • Treating the vein problems causing ulcers
  • Removing tissue around the wound
  • Cleaning the wound regularly
  • Applying proper wound dressings
  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Taking oral antibiotic medicines
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Why Choose California Vein & Vascular Centers?

California Vein and Vascular Centers have a reputation for treating patients with optimal customer service and high-quality treatments. Dr. Hardeep S. Ahluwalia and our outstanding medical team are number one in California for the number of procedures performed than any other vein doctor, in the top five in the nation for the number of vein procedures performed, and the top ten in the country for our treatment of peripheral arterial disease. All procedures are done at our Bay Area practices for fast recovery. You always meet with a board-certified vascular surgeon that will help determine a customized treatment plan for your needs.

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Treating the Venous Ulcer (Treating Perforating Veins)

In the United States, it is estimated that up to 1.8 million people are afflicted with venous ulcers which are the most common chronic wounds treated in wound care centers.1,2 More than half of the venous ulcers treated are recurring ulcerations or wounds that might have healed before, but later return. Conventional treatments for venous ulcer patients include the use of antibiotics, salves, and compression therapy. But these treatments have often resulted in high failure and recurrence rates. Attempts to heal the skin without correcting the underlying venous insufficiency can lead to a delayed ulcer healing and recurrence.

Treatment for Venous Ucler includes The Venefit Procedure for Uclers.

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