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Laser Atherectomy Procedure in Silicon Valley & Monterey County

Innovative Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

Your vascular system is designed to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. However, numerous factors can cause build-up along the vein walls. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) can lead to multiple health issues. California Vein & Vascular Centers can treat peripheral artery disease with a laser atherectomy at one of our offices in Morgan Hill, Salinas, Los Altos, and Los Gatos, CA. Our award-winning doctors have experience with this innovative new technology, which is helping to improve the lives of millions of patients throughout the United States. Learn more about the process and find out for yourself if you’re a candidate for the procedure. Schedule your consultation with one of our vein specialists today.

What Are Common Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease?

Peripheral artery disease may be difficult for patients to detect without the assistance of a specialist. Initial signs of the disease may be subtle, such as muscle pain or cramping triggered by physical activity. However, as the disease progresses, the symptoms can become increasingly more severe and debilitating. Contact our specialists today for a medical consultation If you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Leg Pain When Walking
  • Cramping in the Affected Area When Active
  • Leg Numbness or Weakness
  • Sores on Lower Extremities
  • Change in Color of Legs
  • Slower Growth of Toenails
  • Weak Pulse in Legs or Feet
  • Delayed Healing

Laser Atherectomy for Peripheral Artery Disease Process

Laser Atherectomy is an effective treatment option for PAD, which involves using a small, high-powered laser to remove the plaque from the arteries and restore blood flow. This procedure is minimally invasive and can be done on an outpatient basis. Laser atherectomy is highly successful in treating PAD, with minimal risk of complications. Patients may experience some soreness or bruising at the incision site. Our vein specialists, led by our board-certified surgeon, utilize the latest innovative equipment to minimize risks and improve patient outcomes. Our laser atherectomy treatment includes the following steps:

Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease in CA
  • Patient Preparation – Before the procedure, the patient will undergo several tests to determine the location and severity of blockages in their arteries. This may include an angiogram, which uses dye and X-rays to create images of the blood vessels.
  • Anesthesia – During the procedure, the patient will be under local anesthesia to numb the treated area. This will prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Insertion of Guidewire and Catheter – A small incision is made in the patient’s groin or arm, and a thin tube called a catheter will be inserted into the artery. A guide wire will then be threaded through the catheter.
  • Laser Atherectomy – A laser catheter will be inserted once the guide wire is in place. The laser will then emit energy pulses that vaporize the plaque, breaking it down into tiny particles.
  • Removal of Debris – As the laser breaks down the plaque, a suction device attached to the catheter will remove any debris or particles from the artery, preventing them from blocking blood flow further.
  • Recovery – Once the procedure is complete, the catheter and guide wire are removed, and a pressure bandage is applied to the incision site. The patient will then need to rest for a few hours before being discharged.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Atherectomy for PAD?

The best way to prevent peripheral artery disease is by living an active, healthy lifestyle and eliminating significant risk factors. Patients who smoke, drink, and consume food with high amounts of cholesterol are at increased risk of developing PAD. However, older patients and those with a family history of PAD are more likely to suffer from it regardless of their lifestyle. If you’re at risk for PAD, it’s important to schedule routine checkups with your doctors.

Peripheral Artery Disease Process

What Are the Risks of Laser Atherectomy?

California Vein & Vascular Centers is one of the nation’s leading vein and vascular specialists. We have the skills and experience to perform your procedure in a safe and comfortable office. We utilize innovative technology to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes. However, while minimal, there are inherent risks of undergoing a laser atherectomy. Our team will take the time to explain the risks involved and answer any questions you may have. It’s important to note these risks can vary depending on individual factors such as overall health and severity of the condition. Some of the most common risks include:

  • Increased Risk of Blood Clots Forming After Treatment
  • Risk of Bleeding or Hematoma at the Insertion Site
  • Possible Allergic Reaction to Contrast Dye
  • Allergic Reactions to the Anesthesia
  • Risk of Infection

Serving in the following Locations

  • Los Gatos: San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga, Santa Clara Valley, Silicon Valley, the South Bay, the Bay Area, and Santa Clara County.
  • Los Altos: Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, and the Bay Area.
  • Morgan Hill: Gilroy, South San Jose, Silicon Valley, Watsonville, Santa Clara County.
  • Salinas: Monterey County, Hollister, Prunedale, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Watsonville, Seaside, Carmel-By-The-Sea, Carmel

Schedule Your Laser Atherectomy Appointment Today

Laser atherectomy is an innovative solution for treating peripheral artery disease. Focused laser energy can help restore normal blood flow to the limbs by breaking up plaque on blood vessel walls. The doctors at California Vein & Vascular Centers have helped numerous patients throughout our four locations in Morgan Hill, Salinas, Los Altos, and Los Gatos, CA, and we’re confident we can assist you, too. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation and determine if a laser atherectomy is right for you.

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