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Now that summer is winding down it is time to make sure that you are taking steps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Staying active promotes health and can help prevent varicose veins and other health conditions or issues. These are some of our favorite summer activities.

  1. Kayaking– Kayaking is a fun and low stress activity that will keep your blood flowing while getting you outside to enjoy nature and explore your surroundings. If you don’t own a kayak there are usually local companies that will rent out kayaks at an affordable price at different waterfront locations.
  2. Hiking– Hiking is another great activity to enjoy during the end of summer. Although if you decide to go on a hike you should research the area or trails you plan on using to make sure that they are within your skill level. Going for a hike is a great way to spend a weekend day with family friends, and it is something that just about anyone can enjoy.
  3. Biking– Everyone knows how to ride a bike and there is no excuse why you shouldn’t be able to dust off your old bicycle and enjoy a nice ride around your city. Biking is a low impact activity on your joints and is a great way to get a solid cardio workout all while exploring your neighborhood and city and enjoying the outdoors. If you decide to go biking make sure you wear a helmet!
  4. Rollerblading– Is another great way to burn calories and work on building muscles in your legs. Rollerblading is also less wear and tear on your body than running, and is an all-around fun activity that lets you get your adrenaline pumping in a fun way.

These are just a few fun activities that you should take advantage of while the weather is still nice and enjoyable. By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle you can help reduce the risk of varicose veins. If you have varicose veins contact our office at 650-209-5843 to schedule a consultation and discuss treatment options with a doctor.